Tantric Massages

Our Tantric Massages

All massages are performed from head to toe, guaranteeing complete effectiveness.

The services we offer in general are carefully thought out and I carry them out taking care of the smallest detail, so that no client should cross paths with another client. All massages include a shower beforehand, in addition to being adapted to the needs of each client.

All our masseuses are in constant training both in massage techniques and in knowing how to treat the client so that you feel super comfortable with them and you leave completely renewed and eager to pass through our hands again, since that is our top priority.

The “Relaxing Massage”, enriched with elements of tantric massage, fuses gentle movements and relaxing stimuli to create a unique experience of serenity. Each expert touch seeks to release physical tensions and unblock energy channels, promoting the deep connection between body and mind. In a harmonious environment, this massage not only relieves immediate stress, but also invites transformative introspection, leaving a lasting feeling of inner peace and well-being.

“Intense Sensitive Tantric Massage” is an evolved experience that focuses on releasing muscle tension while deepening the connection with the inner self. This massage, performed body to body, goes beyond convention by integrating tantric elements. The skilled and sensitive therapist uses gentle movements to relax the muscles and encourage a deeper connection to spirituality. This intense experience not only releases physical tensions, but also seeks to harmonize internal energy, creating a symphony of holistic well-being.

This intensive erotic massage invites you to immerse yourself in a dimension of sensuality and well-being like no other. The experience begins with a captivating erotic shower, where you will have the opportunity to caress the masseuse’s sensual body, creating a unique connection.

The masseuse, an expert in the magic of touch, will stimulate every corner of your being, leading you to an initial relaxation that is just the prelude to what is to come. The transition to the futon marks the next chapter of this magical experience. In this intimate space, the massage continues, intensifying in softness and depth.

Experience the height of relaxation with our “4 Magic Hands Tantric Massage”, where two expert masseuses work in perfect synchrony to offer you a unique experience. This massage goes beyond conventional, releasing physical tensions and awakening internal energy, providing you with total well-being. Suitable for those looking for an exceptional experience, immerse yourself in this dance of four magical hands that will take you to a state of deep relaxation and spiritual connection.

Explore new dimensions of intimacy and connection with our “Tantric Couples Massage.” Designed to strengthen emotional and sensual bonds, this massage creates a sacred space where couples can share a unique experience. Guided by expert tantric therapists, the massage encourages energetic harmony and mutual understanding, elevating the physical and spiritual connection between the two. Immerse yourself in this joint experience that not only rejuvenates the body, but also nourishes the complicity and love between you and your partner.

Immerse yourself in seduction and pleasure with our innovative “Tantric Striptease Massage”. From the beginning, you will be welcomed by a masseuse dressed in exquisite lingerie who will fade with sensual movements, guiding you towards a highly erotic experience. In the comfortable tantra chair, you will explore sensually stimulating positions that will intensify the connection between body and spirit. Finish the experience with a professional relaxing massage that will elevate sensuality to new heights, creating a unique atmosphere of intimacy and ecstasy. Let yourself be carried away by this sensual dance that not only rejuvenates, but also awakens the senses and fans the flame of passion.

Embark on a unique experience with our “Fantasy Costume Tantric Massage”. Release your imagination and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a deeper connection with your inner energy. Personalize your experience by choosing the costume that the masseuse will wear, while you indulge in a professional erotic relaxing massage that will transform your fantasies into reality. Discover a world of exquisite sensations and let the magic of fantasy mix with the mastery of touch to offer you unparalleled delight.

Discover the pinnacle of sensory indulgence with our exclusive “Tantric Golden Call Massage.” This premium treatment goes further, fusing the unforgettable experiences of the erotic shower, striptease and relaxing massage, and taking them to new heights of complicity. From the beginning, you will be welcomed by the masseuse in exquisite lingerie, enjoying a glass of wine of your choice in an intimate atmosphere. Seduction unfolds with sensual movements and erotic postures in the tantra chair, followed by an erotic shower and a relaxing massage. To crown the experience, the masseuse will invite you to explore your most secret desires, with feathers and edible candles.

Experience the fusion of pleasure and well-being with our “Tantra Prostate Massage”. Designed for sexual stimulation and strengthening intimate connection, this massage goes beyond conventional limits. Expert tantric therapists use specialized techniques to enhance arousal, promote relaxation of the rectum and enhance the sexual experience. It is important to keep in mind that this massage is not recommended in cases of anal fissures or hemorrhoids. Discover new forms of pleasure and connection with Tantra Prostate Massage, an experience designed to elevate your intimate well-being.