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All massages are performed from head to toe, guaranteeing complete effectiveness.

The services we offer in general are carefully thought out and I carry them out taking care of the smallest detail, so that no client should cross paths with another client. All massages include a shower beforehand, in addition to being adapted to the needs of each client.

All our masseuses are in constant training both in massage techniques and in knowing how to treat the client so that you feel super comfortable with them and you leave completely renewed and eager to pass through our hands again, since that is our top priority.

In this four-hand massage, two masseuses work simultaneously on each part of the body, maintaining a constant rhythm and balanced pressure. This double massage provides a unique sensory experience that helps release tension and provides a total feeling of well-being. Suitable for those looking for an exceptional experience.

Discover this moment of relaxation and enjoy a pleasant interaction with our professionals.

Enjoy a 60-minute full body massage with our exclusive private spa circuit, designed for chakra activation. This massage, performed by an expert masseuse, offers the option to request an additional one for an even more indulgent experience. Let yourself go, escape from daily routines and give yourself the rest you deserve, seeking peace and relaxation for both of you.

Relaxing massage is a manual therapy designed to enhance well-being by increasing the production of endorphins in the body. In addition to being a method of manual evaluation and treatment for areas prone to ailments, its benefits include:

• Reduction or elimination of muscle tension
• Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
• Relief from stress, anxiety and tension

Hot stone massage is a traditional technique that involves applying stones at different temperatures to the skin. Its objective is to activate vital energy and provide relief from both physical and emotional disorders. This practice uses smooth, hot stones, usually basalt, strategically placed to relax muscles, improve blood circulation and relieve accumulated tension.

Additionally, hot stone massage is considered to balance the body’s energy, positively influencing emotional well-being by calming the nervous system and reducing stress.

Chocotherapy is a wellness therapy that seeks to induce happiness and relaxation to the mind through the use of chocolate, applied to cover specific areas of the body and take advantage of its benefits for the skin and general well-being. The intense aroma of chocolate, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin, stimulates the production of brain substances associated with serotonin and endorphins.

During the session, the masseuse will give you an extremely relaxing massage, allowing you to experience a pleasant and comforting sensation.

Logo Manos Mágicas

Tantric massages

tántrico manos mágicas puts at your disposal the best tantric massages in Mallorca.

Sensitive massage is a technique focused on releasing the accumulation of tension in certain muscles of the body. As its name suggests, it goes further by seeking to establish a connection with our inner self.

This massage is carried out body to body, which makes it particularly special. The first phase involves the professional establishing a connection with our body. Use gentle movements throughout the entire body with the aim of gradually relaxing the muscles. At this point, the art of massage emerges.

This massage incorporates all the techniques of intense erotic massage. It begins with an erotic shower, giving you the opportunity to caress the masseuse’s sensual body. Under water, it will stimulate your body in a sensual way, leading you to the first relaxation and preparing you to enter a deeper and more relaxed state. Afterwards, you will continue the massage on the futon, allowing you to enjoy the experience even more.