What is Tantra?

Que es el tantra

Tantra is considered one of the deepest knowledge that exists about sexual energy and vital energy. It is the perfect symbiosis for both planes to complement each other and produce different benefits on a sexual, physical and emotional level.

What is Tantra

Tantric massage has become in recent years one of the types of massage that has aroused the most interest and curiosity. Its main basis is the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed, whether with your partner or in the Magical Hands Spa, your health will be better.

Hindus describe tantra as that process whose objective is to achieve personal growth through pleasure.

What is Tantra

Tantric massage not only has a sexual component, it also seeks pleasure and, although it can cause orgasm, it is not really its main purpose. However, the Violet Light Energy Spa is the one where the touch of the sexual organs is included and where specific terminology is used for these intimate areas of the human body.

Before going into detail with the benefits of tantric massage where it also seeks to activate the chakras, it should be noted that sexual relations with real penetration do not take place in this massage. Every time we hear the word tantra we usually relate it to sex or sexual life, but it has a much broader field of action, to the point of having relaxing and healing virtues.

Furthermore, to apply tantric massage you do not have to be naked, although professionals and any specialized portal recommend that it is the best option to enjoy the maximum experience.

When we work on the alignment of our chakras, we feel more vital, our mood rises, we feel the connection with Mother Nature and with divinity in a calm and confident way. There is a greater willingness to do our work with love and energetic vitality.

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