What does a hot stone massage consist of?

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Hot stone massage is a traditional technique that consists of applying stones with different temperatures to the skin with the aim of activating vital energy and also relieving physical or emotional disorders.

This type of massage, also called Geothermal Therapy, has its origins in ancient oriental massage techniques and is based on the knowledge of the energy centers or points of the body through which energy flows. According to these disciplines, if we suffer from any illness or discomfort, it is because energy does not circulate through our body correctly, and this is usually caused by the blockage or malfunction of one of these energy centers.

For this reason, hot stone massage is a therapeutic technique that consists of applying stones of volcanic origin, coming from the earth, from nature, which will act by activating the energy points and making the energy flow, at the same time relieving our discomfort.

Some of the properties of geothermal massage:

Due to the benefits that this massage technique has proven to achieve, it is widely used in spas and massage centers, we mainly highlight three of its many properties:

Reduction and relief of pain through direct action exerted on the points responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain to the nervous receptors that make us aware of it.

Due to the temperature of the stones (approximately 50º), toxins are eliminated through sweating.

There is also an improvement in the circulatory system due to the temperature difference of the stones that can range from 8º to 50º and also due to the action of the massage, this combination activates circulation.

Other benefits of hot stone massage:

The benefits of hot stone massage go far beyond the simple feeling of well-being and we can highlight the following:

  • It reduces chronic muscle and bone pain, improving the general functioning of our body.
  • Balances the nervous system, eliminates toxins and improves circulation.
  • It relaxes and harmonizes body, mind and spirit, considerably reducing our stress levels.
  • On an aesthetic level, it has effects on improving the appearance of the skin as it revitalizes, oxygenates and illuminates the skin.
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