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Spa manos mágicas has a history of more than 5 years in Latin America.

We have implemented a new headquarters in Palma de Mallorca to make a difference in this authentic country, we treat people from a comprehensive point of view, where body, mind and spirit form a whole and one part cannot be understood without the other two.

The marks of all our experiences remain on our body, it is the reflection of emotions, of both physical and mental burdens that are negatively fixed in our body and prevent our energy from flowing and being expressed in harmony. By releasing the physical and tangible part that is our body, we will reach the deepest and most intangible part that is our mind and our spirit.

Just as by releasing emotional and energetic psychic blockages we will be able to free the physical knots in which they are reflected, thus achieving harmony in our entire being, Magic Hands Spa works in the search for a new form of liberation and inner peace, through the relaxing massage of our professional masseuses, which consists of performing superficial maneuvers in which the intensity of the pressure is gentle and the rhythm slow and repetitive, so that by receiving repeated and constant contact, the sensation of pain and the muscles are lost. They relax in this technique we also apply the alignment of chakras in this way we will achieve more trust with the client, better concentration, greater self-esteem, universal awareness towards them and those around them.





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